An antiviral drug platform

The technology of this company is based upon two foundations:

1. We have developed the technology that allows us to design and synthesize compounds that will target a specific site on the surface of a virus.  The site is selected so as to minimize the chance of a mutation.

2. We can then modify the targeting compound with our selenium technology to allow it to inactivate the targeted virus.

This combined technology allows us to make the first truly anti-viral drugs.  Other viral drugs require the virus to first infect your cells and then they try to block its replication.  With our technology we can inactivate the virus before it infects the cell.


Our Journey: Read Updates About Seantiviral Biotech

One of the enduring images of the COVID-19 pandemic will be that of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with its numerous and distinctive prong-like appendages…

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